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Wearing art everyday!


Fashion becomes unique if we wear printed art. Le Galeriste Portable Art Gallery in Montreal has created wonderful collections for the artist. You will be able to find dresses, blouses, scarves, pants, vests, cardigans and skirts for women and t-shirts, panties and scarves for men.


We create a unique, special and charming design for your home or office. The artist Mihaela CD through her warm and creative vision brings a chic to any space.
We offer printed painting in various sizes and on various materials such as wood, metal, plexiglass, canvas, cardboard, textiles, as well as prints on various objects for interior decoration or personal use, watches, small furniture, chairs, pillows, clothes bed sheets, shower curtains, trays and more.

Digital Art

Digital painting differs from traditional painting only in the utensils and materials used, because the vision and artistic spirit of Mihaela CD is the same and her artistical emotion can be discovered in both digital painting and traditional painting.

Alice Puiu

A non-conformist version of prints that ensures an exceptional clothing and decorative success. The combination of colors and shapes in a perpetual mobility imposes an original style, an escape from the daily routine, a metaphorical outburst of shapes and colors that implies an exceptional modern style. A modern, unconventional line capturing an elegant play of poetic geometry… Super! I will watch you with great interest… you have a fresh, optimistic vision … you have charmed me!

Alice Puiu-artist and writer

Lăcrimioara Iva

”Planetary mosaic, art and fashion Author Mihaela CD They are dynamic creations with harmonious lines, some give the idea of ​​movement, others of rustle of color… They have a special charm, for the surprising suggestions and the wonderful color effects they produce. Congratulations! I wish you worldwide success!”
Lăcrimioara IvaSenior Editor

Euroeducation, Magazin Critic,

artist and writer

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